• QuoteI cannot recommend anyone with more confidence and appreciation than Gustavo Arredondo and his professional team at A-Design. They were not only able to capture the vision that my wife and I had for our dream home, but carry it beyond anything we could have imagined. Their care and concern for every detail of this important process was second to none, and their willingness to assist us in so many aspects of design were helpful beyond words. Your home will only be as good as the plans that they came from, and you will not find a better place to have your dreams drawn on paper than with Gustavo!Quote

    — Matthew Hagee Executive Pastor
    • QuoteThere is something special about a home designed by Gustavo Arredondo. When you drive through San Antonio's luxury neighborhoods and see a home with an elevation that stands out above all the others, chances are it's a home designed by Gustavo. Curb appeal is everything but his talent doesn't stop there. In the last 6 years we've built 2 homes designed by Gustavo. Both times he started with a blank canvas. He listened to our ideas, he walked the property and then worked his magic. Whenever friends came over they would rant and rave about how beautiful our home was. But the true test is what happens when you put it up for sale. The first home Gustavo designed for us sold in 6 weeks. Not to be outdone. The second home sold in just 3 weeks. Amazing when you consider what the market has been like these last few years. We wouldn't consider using anyone else when it comes to designing our home.Quote

      — Kevin & Sherry Dodd
      • QuoteGustavo and his team were great to work with in every aspect of the process from concept to design to final product. Gustavo took the time to understand our vision and combined this with his expertise to develop a set of plans that were both beautiful and functional. In addition, Gustavo partnered very well with our builder, Damon Christofilis which was invaluable in arriving at plans that could easily move from the design phase to the building site.Quote

        — Greg & Susan Maxwell
        • QuoteWorking with Gustavo and our builder was a real pleasure. As opposed to most builder/designer relationships, they both worked well together to provide options and solutions to any issues that came up during planning and construction. Gustavo has an excellent ability to sketch out great solutions to any issues we had during the plan process and construction phase of our project. We love how well his plans flow and the detail to exterior views is top notch.Quote

          — Scott & Lisa Kelley
          • QuoteThere are no words to describe the talent and dedication of Gustavo Arredondo. I built a house in San Antonio that was designed by Gustavo in 2007, which I absolutely loved. A year later I had to move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for work, and I was heartbroken because I didn’t want to leave my house. I just told myself that I can always build it again. Well, it turns out there is nothing like that style of design in Pittsburgh so I knew if I wanted to build my dream house, I would have to have Gustavo design it. I flew home to meet with him and described what I was envisioning. Within seconds he drew my dream house on a piece of paper. It was like he read my mind – only better than what I was imagining. Once the first draft of the plans was complete, I met with the builder on the property and to my shock and horror, the house did not fit on the lot due to an error in the survey that the builder provided me. Gustavo flew all the way to Pittsburgh to see the lot and had to redesign the house to make it fit since the survey he was given to draw the plans was incorrect. He is so dedicated he took days out of his busy schedule to fly hundreds of miles away to see the property in person. Of course, being the artist that he is, his redesign was even better than before. The final plans came last week and they are works of art. The time and effort it must have taken to think of every detail - from the ceilings to the columns and archways – it is truly amazing and unmatched by anyone else. I told him that I think he is the most talented designer in the world and I mean it. I cannot even express how much I recommend Gustavo. He is a true artist.Quote

            — Jessica Holcomb
            • QuoteMy wife and I attended the 2005 Parade of Homes at Anaqua Springs Ranch. We were so captivated by the three homes Gustavo Arredondo designed, that we kept his business card until we were ready to start the project of our new home, two years later. Gustavo did an outstanding design; the entire process was absolutely splendid. Our original intention was to live in that home for a couple of years which we did. When we were ready to sell, after 3 months on the market, the home was sold – this is a 10,000SF home – not to mention, this happened during tough times in the market economy. We were so pleased with Gustavo and his team, that we asked him to design our beach home in Los Cabos, Mexico. We can’t stress enough how satisfied we are with Gustavo’s work ethic, professionalism, and charisma. My family and I have built a very warm friendship with him and his wife over the years, and we look forward to working with him again on future projects.Quote

              — Don & Leslie Cangelosi
              • QuoteGustavo is extremely talented in design, he was patient with us during the design phase, he focused a great deal of his attention on all the fine details that made our home beautiful and perfect on all levels. Most designers I have met are knowledgeable but lack the artistic talent that Gustavo possesses. We highly recommend Gustavo and his firm, this is a first class company providing unmatched products and services.Quote

                — Matthew & Catherine Resnick
                • QuoteGustavo and his A-Design team came highly recommended to us and we were not disappointed! He made every aspect of the home design process efficient and a pleasure. From the initial site visit to the design meetings, the entire process was seamless and beyond our expectations. His ideas, vision, and attention to detail were outstanding. He was willing to take our initial home design requirements and expectations, incorporate the site and view issues, and craft the home into a beautiful finished product. Many thanks.Quote

                  — Rusty & Karen Olsen
                  • QuoteWe had admired Gustavo’s designs at Parade of Homes for several years. When we were ready to build our home, we knew we wanted him to design it. He was helpful with creative suggestions, but also willing to listen to what we did and did not want in our home. After an initial interview and a visit to our land with our builder, he created a wonderful plan suited to our personal desires and our location. Construction has just begun; we are excited about the project and confident that we will enjoy our new home designed in Gustavo’s signature style.Quote

                    — Dave & Pam Umstead
                    • QuoteMy wife and I had a vision of building a home that looked like a mission---with lots of ideas, but not a good grasp of how to pull them together. Gustavo was not only able to understand what our goal was, but after three meetings, incredibly drew our dream home/mission the very first time. We loved the fact Gustavo was so very candid and honest with his comments---and it resulted in a home like no other.Quote

                      — Mike & Marlos Gilliam
                      • QuoteWe hired Gustavo after seeing some of his work at the Parade of Homes and after working with a previous designer who was good but not creative enough to capture our ideas. We are so glad we made the decision to switch because the time and money spent on the upfront planning and design phase is definitely worth it. The house will only be as good as the design. Gustavo has a creative eye and his attention to details matches no other. We were the type of customer who didn't know exactly what we wanted and with Gustavo's creativity and vision, he was able to create a design that not only didn't require lots of re-work but also captured the living style and the views we were hoping for. Every detail he includes in the design has a purpose and he spends the time answering questions and explaining why it was designed that way and also will explain pros and cons to help you through the decision making process. We would hire Gustavo again if we ever build another house.Quote

                        — Scott and Darlene Nordstrom
                        • QuoteWe knew who our designer was going to be once we realized that every home we loved during our "homework phase" had been designed by Gustavo. His patience listening to the both of us, considering our ideas, incorporating the builder in the discussions early on and focusing on special design elements just seemed to be part of "the process". It was fun to see how the investment in time resulted in blueprints, then wood, bricks and mortar all according to Gustavo's plan, however, it wasn't until we had lived in the house for a few months that we truly realized just how much his design had captured our family's dreams and ideas and made them a reality.Quote

                          — Brett & Julia Grossman
                          • QuoteI have been selling homes that Gustavo has designed for 9 years. In my short time isn real estate I have been lucky to represent some of the most exclusive and beautiful properties in San Antonio and the surrounding areas and they are always A-Design homes. I have sent him clients who are always so happy with his service, they call me to thank me!! He draws the BEST homes in town! When I build my home there is no doubt he will be the designer.Quote

                            — Binkan Cinaroglu
                            • QuoteGustavo was so easy to work with and so open to suggestions while bringing forth wonderful ideas for our new home. When there was any concern he addressed it immediately and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend Gustavo, not only is he warm and personable, but has great vision and creativity.Quote

                              — Sharon & Doug Contie
                              • QuoteMy husband (Bill) & I purchased a unique piece of land, which overlooks the Guadeloupe River in Boerne, Texas. Gustavo Arredondo, designed us the perfect forever Texas Tuscan home. The unique geography of our property reinforced that a truly custom home cannot be bought off-the-shelf. Constant consideration of the topography of the property was required as our design evolved. Bill & I quickly gave-way to Gustavo’s assurance “Don’t Worry”! Seamlessly, Gustavo took Bill and I through an interactive process that developed our custom home vison based on our needs, desires and lifestyle. The process included a collection of meetings at our property as well as at Gustavo’s office. Luxury is a personal experience for everyone. Just like the phrase “dream home” means different things to different people, Gustavo harnessed our dreams as well as customized luxury features into a solid design.Quote

                                — Maria Ann Wladika
                                • QuoteI strongly recommend choosing Gustavo Arredondo and his team for your next project. I know there are a variety of designers that you could choose from to help you conceive your ideas and apply them to a set of plans. However, there are very few of them that produce that “wow” factor in the finished product. Gustavo definitely produces that factor. His unique work will distinguish your home from others and will elicit the envy of the neighborhood. The proof of this is the fact that Gustavo has won awards for 12 consecutive years at the Parade of Homes in San Antonio and Austin. Your choice of designer is the most important decision you will ever make for your home since it will determine such factors as value and resale time, living functionality, adequate space distribution and exclusivity of quality. Selecting Gustavo will most definitely add value to your project. Gustavo Arredondo is assuredly the best designer that I have worked with in my career as a developer/builder. Alberto F. Milmo CEO Milmo Group.Quote

                                  — Alberto Milmo
                                  • QuoteI cannot possibly give Gustavo Arredondo and his team at A Design a higher recommendation. My wife and I believe that picking the right designer to design our custom home was just as important (if not more) than picking the right builder. We've always been extremely drawn to homes that Gustavo has designed in the San Antonio Parade of Homes. With that in mind, and after the suggestion by several of our friends, we met with Gustavo. Halfway through our first meeting, we knew he was the right designer for us. Gustavo understood our style and what was important to us immediately. He then designed a floor plan that took advantage of our lot's topography and view, and also captured exactly what we wanted in our new home. As the process evolved, we came up with several ideas that he was able to incorporate into the design, without compromising the flow. What amazes us both is that, as our building process unfolds, we're continuing to see details that he's included that we didn't notice previously. We're repeatedly saying "Wow. I didn't even notice that. How cool!" Even after the final plans were finished, Gustavo has been available to us to answer questions, make small changes, and give his opinion about interior design selections that we have made. I truly believe that this Gustavo Arredondo is the premier designert in South Texas. Thanks, Gustavo!Quote

                                    — Michael and Lisa Almaleh
                                    • QuoteWorking with Gustavo and his team was an incredible experience. The skills and eye for design were apparent after our first meeting. Gustavo’s team worked with us closely designing our floor plan to maximize the use of available space, and ensuring the views and privacy were perfected. They provided excellent customer service and always swung into action whenever there was a challenge. The level of detail that was included in the design package provided by Gustavo and his team at A-Design made it stand above all others.Quote

                                      — Glenn & Camille Tackaberry
                                      • QuoteUnique exterior elevations and great scale, Listened to my requirements and executed professionally. Interior architectural features demonstrate creativity and uniqueness. Could not be more pleased.Quote

                                        — John McNair
                                        • QuoteGustavo Arredondo and his A-Design team are second to none when it comes to luxury home design. I have worked with Gustavo on several projects and am always very impressed with the creativity and professionalism he injects into every detail. When he began the journey of designing my home, he started with a laid back visit, we walked around and I told him what I was looking for. His creativity and 'over-the-top' ability to capture my ideas and bring them to life have resulted in a very beautiful, luxurious country estate. I appreciate all the ideas, advice, and design ability he has given me over the years of our personal and professional friendship.Quote

                                          — Sheldon Grothaus
                                          • QuoteThe first time we saw a Gustavo Arredondo design, we were very impressed. There was no doubt he was the one we had been looking for. He has a true talent for creativity and a high level of commitment. His direction for combining our very different design concepts did not even seem to be a challenge; he captured harmoniously the type of home that would make us both happy. Our greatest appreciation goes to Gustavo and his wonderful staff at A-Design for providing us with exceptional plans and for sticking with us through the building process, willing to address any of our custom home design questions. We knew from the beginning that the house would be beautiful, but honestly, it is even more than we expected.Quote

                                            — Gustavo & Joanna Gutierrez
                                            • QuoteIrene and I have known Gustavo Arredondo and his associates at A-Design for more then 7 years. He created our current house and is now designing the new one for us. Gustavo's talent is unique. He listened to our disjointed thoughts and wants and created something unexpected but perfectly suited for us. Gustavo gave us not only beauty and comfort, but constant daily enjoyment, relaxation and lifted spirits so needed in the routine of our life. His design has distinct character of the master. We have seen many houses that he designed. Each of them has different melody and sound that attracts you from the first sight. Gustavo is highly professional and exceptionally easy to work with. Now he is again encouraging us to bring our ideas and helping us to convert them into design forms and language. When you start working with Gustavo you discover not only a visionary andgreat talent, but also a trusted friend.Quote

                                              — Irene Kazhdan & Alex Zweibach
                                              • QuoteWe love Gustavo's design of our new home. We have a unique and wonderful but challenging corner lot on a cul-de-sac with lots of mature oak trees with some fairly severe elevation changes. Gustavo's design fit the house within the trees to provide awesome views from both the front and back. The bonus is that only one tree had to be removed; he preserved over 10 trees within the building envelope. He completed the design on time and on budget. The house looks twice as big as it is from the street because of the unique shape to fit the lot, just as Gustavo said it would. We are proud to have Gustavo's name and design attached to our new house. He is a consummate professional and a true pleasure to work withQuote

                                                — John and Susan Long
                                                • QuoteWorking with Gustavo and his team at A-Design was an extremely positive experience for our family. We were first-timers, as it relates to building a custom home, and we were not sure what to expect. We had some initial concern over Gustavo being in San Antonio and us building in Austin, but those concerns were quickly alleviated as we started the process. Email, conference calls, and a few in-person meetings were all it took. We knew we needed a lot of guidance and a design firm who could turn our random thoughts into a creative vision. Gustavo not only met our objectives in a timely manner, but also created a home for us that was far beyond what we could have imagined. If we go through this process again, Gustavo will be the 1st phone call on our list.Quote

                                                  — Cory and Tiffany Caruthers